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We pioneered systems to improve Environmental, Health and Safety programs and now Ex3 serves clients in most industries including Health, Education, Sports, Transportation, Science and Business.

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EHS Software Solutions

Ex3 is a suite of integrated EHS software modules that help companies manage occupational health, safety, security, regulatory compliance, environmental foot print and to achieve greater sustainability.

Ex3 provides the most complete and usable enterprise EHS software solution on the market today and has for the last twenty years. Many of the world's leading companies and large government organizations use Ex3 solutions to improve the reporting and management of occupational health clinics, employee assistance and wellness programs, environmental performance, risk management, overall safety management and to streamline their business processes and cut costs with help from Ex3 strategic consulting, process definition and refinement and software products.

Ex3 EHS software helps global companies meet their EHS management and compliance challenges through the use of our Electronic Medical Records System (EMR/EHR) for Occupational Health and Behavioural Health and through our modules for Safety, Security, and Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility, Chemical Inventory Management, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Assessments, Corporate Training and many more.


Key features EX3 that EHS Software Solution offers are as below:


Ex3 software solutions are effective at streamlining all of the essential EHS aspects of global companies and for the management of environmental, safety and health programs. Ex3 software modules are designed to be integrated into the daily work process and to maintain the safety of workers and ensure their efficiency of work flow.

  1. Substantial reduce time and cost by eliminating manual, paper and spreadsheet-based processes into a fully automated and integrated process.
  2. Full investigation and inspections to ensure the safety of workers and of the environment.
  3. Dynamic and intuitive dashboards to keep track of all EHS objectives and performance.
  4. This is fully compliance with regulations from Government, all industries and including OSHA 300/300A, OSHAS and HIPAA.
  5. Complete configurable enterprise EHS management information system, are tailored such a way, that they meet needs of all organizations, departments and the employees.


  1. EHS Software solutions perform well in any type of business. We provide you with the insight to manage incidents, audit and inspections.
  2. Ex3 Solutions helps by increasing transparency inside organization and helps by improving engagement of employees.
  3. Ex3 EHS and Occupational Health software solutions have been designed to work in every business regardless of your industry. Ex3 has over twenty years of proven success and provides the best EHS software solution on the market today.

If you’re serious about safety in your organization then Ex3 is the clear choice. Any business will achieve operational success with the use of Ex3 EHS and Occupational Health software solutions. Proper Implementation of Ex3’s robust EHS and Occupational Health software modules will help you reach your corporate goals. 

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