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Sports Science Information Platform (Professional Edition)

Sports Science Information Platform (Professional Edition)

Created to address the unique needs of Professional Sports Organizations, The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform (Professional) is the choice for professional sports teams world-wide.

"Moneyball is like child's play compared to the insight, knowledge and understanding of the whole athlete that the Ex3 Sports Science Platform gives us. Historical statistics provide just one view of your athlete or team. Ex3 brings us to a whole new level."

The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform integrates rich data sets from all athlete support disciplines creating an in depth view of the whole athlete. Greater understanding with shared data from all support professional allows us to create a complete picture of the whole athles and gives insights never seen before. This understanding is then used to expand the athletes capabilities while preventing injury and optimizing physical and psychological factorsin the athlete. Balanced optimization enhanced athletic capabilites, enhances physical and mental condition and extends the high peformance life of the athlete.

"By cross corrolating rich data sets from all participating specialties, Ex3 completes the picture providing current insights and predicting future capabilities."

Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Sports Science, High Performance, Nutritian, Training and Conditioning, Lifestyle, Skills and Drills, Daily Pulse.

"Ex3 allows us to better understand the capabilities of the athlete and focus on injury prevention, biometrics, nutritian, body chemistry, and new ways of extending high levels of performance and period of play."

Integrates with a wide variety of wearable devices for real time monitoring.

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