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Sports Science Information Platform (Olympic)

Sports Science Information Platform (Olympic)

The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform (SSIP) is an integrated cloud based software system designed to 1)coordinate and consolidate the various data sets required for the management of professional and amateur sports organizations and 2)for the tracking of athlete related data sets used for the analysis and enhancement of athlete performance. It is primarily used by US Olympic governing bodies and professional sports organizations.

Organizational Management

The Ex3 SSIP system includes the detailed tracking of organizational membership, events and related activities. This helps to better manage organizational logistics such as event planning and execution, enrollment, qualification, registration, participation and competition or evaluation performance data. The collection and management of these data sets in a single consolidated system allows for meaningful cross correlation and analysis of the data to help determine efficiency and support management decisions for the performance and direction of the organization.

Athlete Performance Enhancement

The Athlete Performance components of the Ex3 SSIP system include all of the various data sets related directly to the athlete and which may have an impact on the athlete’s performance capabilities. These include tracking of support staff and coaches, individual athlete targeted budgets, training and competition schedules, practice routines, strength, stamina, skills training and assessments, medical and biophysical data collection and tracking, nutrition and psychological profiles as well as competition results statistics.

Usability and Configurability

The Ex3 SSIP system is highly configurable and fits the needs of all types of sports organizations whether team and individual performance based. The web interface is designed to make the system as easy as possible to use for the variety of audiences involved in the management and support of athletes and sports organizations.

“Using the TechEdgeSports system US Figure Skating reduced the time spent on the Athlete High Performance Process by 80%. This freed us up to focus on the things we needed in order to better prepare our athletes for Olympic and international competitions.” 

Mitch Moyer, US Figure Skating Director of Athlete High Performance

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