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Q: How did Ex3 get into the sports world?

A: For over twenty years Ex3 has worked with senior leadership of leading companies around the world with a primary focus in the areas of operational efficiency, environmental protection, employee health and wellness and safety management. This experience included strategic consulting, process definition and engineering as well as the provision of integrated software tools that help these clients perform better. In early 2000’s Ex3 was provided an opportunity to work with US Olympic governing bodies to help them find ways to operate more efficiently, prevent injuries to premier athletes and to find ways to enhance opportunities to win Olympic medals. We found that our experience in industry was in many ways transferrable to the sports world. Since that time Ex3 has become a premier force in helping amateur and professional sports organizations improve their performance.

Q: I work for an amateur sports organization that is manned by a small permanent staff and a large number of volunteers. How can you help us do better?

A: Most amateur sports organizations are staffed in this manner. Even the largest of Olympic governing bodies (all of whom are non-profits) are run with minimal internal staff and many volunteers in the field. It is essential to get the most out of every resource that you have and it is critical to be well organized, have consistent processes in place and to provide tools and methods that enhance communication. Ex3 is particularly suited to help such organizations and can provide your management with expertise in organizational communication and development and can also provide the software tools necessary to support the organization.

Q: Our organization experiences a high rate of employee turnover. How do you keep institutional knowledge from walking out the door?

A: It is especially important in a high-turnover organization that experience and knowledge be retained by the organization itself and not be dependent on any individual. Ex3 helps to define internal policy and process, data collection methods and tools and detailed documentation of repeatable process and experience. Ex3’s work flow process management solutions helps you reduce the risks of high-turnover and become a well documented and process driven organization.

Q: Our organization uses a combination of software applications, spreadsheets and paper forms to manage our business. Sometimes we feel buried under piles of paperwork. How can Ex3 help us?

A: Ex3 provides process engineering and system integration services to the world’s largest companies. We help cut through the clutter, to get organized and to define and automate processes to create a more efficient organization. No doubt we can help you do better as well.

Q: Our organization has many processes that are unique to us. How can Ex3 handle such organizational individuality? We want to handle our business our way.

A: Ex3 understands that each organization has requirements that are unique to you. That is why we start every engagement with a business process analysis...so that we understand you fully. Our experts are here to work with you to help you be the best you possibly can be. We understand your uniqueness and are flexible enough to listen, understand and make the proper recommendations.

Q: How easy is it to get data out of the Ex3 Sports Science system?

A: The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform is a cloud based software product that integrates all of your sports organization’s business operations under one umbrella system. It is flexible and enhances data collection, organization and analysis across the board. Specifically it has been designed to enhance the analytical capabilities of your organization. Ex3 can also provide statistical analytical support using our staff of highly qualified statisticians. Our belief is that every piece of data is important, should be collected in an accurate and timely fashion and that every bit of it should be available for analysis as required.

Q: What performance modeling features does Ex3 have?

A: The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform provides the strength to support models based on cross correlated data sets. It has been used to create performance models that predict optimum competition models for Olympic athletes and personalized biophysical athlete models for professional athletes in every major sport.

Q: Can I run the Ex3 sports software on my mobile device?

A: The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform is a collection of cloud based tools that run with a web browser and on most all mobile devices available today.

Q: Our organization deals with several hundred thousand members across the country. Can you help us manage our membership better?

A: Ex3 is well versed in the management of large quantities of member and person data for organizations with hundreds of thousands of members or employee records spread across the world. We can help you collect data easier, process data more efficiently and communicate better and more often with your audience through the best channels.

Q: We manage large scale sporting events each year with several thousand participants. At times this can be a challenge. What expertise does Ex3 have in event management?

A: Ex3 has worked with large organizations on the planning, scheduling, sanctioning and execution of large scale events. We can provide expertise in event marketing, participant and official registration, logistics, merchandising and everything else needed to help you execute your event as efficiently as possible.

Q: How is Ex3 different from any other stats reporting site?

A: Ex3 is a full service consulting house with advanced software capability. In our research in to the sports world we have found that, while stats are important, they only tell part of the story. They only tell history. Ex3 created the capability to cross correlate individual game day statistics with the human side of the athlete. When we look at the biometrics, lifestyle, psychology, nutrition and other factors at the athlete level cross referenced with historical performance statistics we can predict future performance. This can have significant impact on extension of player life, performance levels and related financial aspects. No one else offers this capability.

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