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With Ex3 we reduced the time it took our athletes to be competition ready by 80%. I know, I didn't believe it at first either.
Mitch Moyer,
Sr. Director of Athlete High Performance,
US Figure Skating

In the biggest moments of the biggest games, the difference between victory and defeat is often measured in fractions of an inch and thousandths of a second. Ex3 Sports provides key insights that can extend the limits of human performance by the very margins that separate the champions from everyone else. We apply our world-class data management software to bridge the gap between sports science and athletic performance, allowing us to shed light on hidden inefficiencies that could be holding your athletes and your organization back. Ex3 helps sports organizations find ways to prevent injuries, advance athlete wellness, improve human performance, and ultimately win on the biggest stages. Request your free demo today to learn how Ex3 gives you the competitive edge when the game is on the line.

Not Just Efficiency Experts

Our sports department is well-versed in the detailed operations of sports organizations. This knowledge, combined with our in-house consulting services and advanced software capabilities, allow us to provide key insights that will improve the efficiency of your operations and the performance of your athletes.

A Better Picture for Better Results

Ex3 Sports Software completes the picture provided by traditional statistics and performance metrics, giving you the most advanced analytical and predictive modeling platform in the sports world. Integrated data sets allow for cross-correlative analysis, providing deeper and more meaningful insights that can propel your athletes toward peak performance.

Achieve Greatness On and Off the Field

Ex3 employs the latest sport science technologies combined with powerful administrative tools to provide the most detailed overview of an athletic organization for better communication, better operational efficiency, and better results on the field all of which can grow your organization.

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