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Advanced sports science software & technology for Olympic, professional and amateur sports organizations

Ex3 Sports Science Software and Technology Platform and Ex3’s TechEdgeSports system bring big data power to the sports world. Using leading edge technologies, Ex3 collects and provides the information needed to take human athletic performance to the highest levels.

Strength, stamina, flexibility, skill, attitude, physiology and psychology, nutrition, body chemistry - all of which factor into performance peak - can be measured and analyzed and used to surpass the performance edge while minimizing sports injuries.

The Ex3 Sports Science Information Platform (SSIP) is an integrated cloud based software system designed to:

At the organization level (Highly Performing Sports Organizations)

The Ex3 system includes:

Detailed management of membership, events and related activities to better manage organizational logistics such as membership enrollment and retention, event planning, execution, registration and qualification, participation, evaluation and competition performance data management, travel and housing, financial management and more.

The collection and management of these data sets in a single consolidated system, following Lean Management principals, allows for meaningful cross correlation and analysis to help create organizational efficiency and support management decisions for the performance and direction of the organization.

For the Athlete (Highly Performing Athletes)

Your team will have access to the real-time knowledge to make fact based decisions and recommendations for more effective communication and improved performance.

High Performance Directors (High Performance Programs)

The Athlete Performance components of the Ex3 system include all of the various data sets related directly to the athlete and which may have an impact on the athlete’s performance capabilities. These include:

For the Coach and Trainers (Highly Performing Coaches and Trainers)

For Sports Medicine (High Performance Sports Medicine)

The latest in medical technologies integrated into one system:

Usability and Configurability (High Performance Software)

The Ex3 system is highly configurable and fits the needs of all types of sports organizations whether team and individual performance based. The intuitive, mobile capable, web interface is designed to make the system as easy as possible to use for the variety of audiences involved in the management and support of athletes and sports organizations.

Ex3 supports the athlete high performance departments of US Olympic sports. We are the science behind winning gold medals.

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