How It Works

A laboratory management system should do more than track samples or tests. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf solutions that promise to do more are either too complex to ever be fully implemented or too cumbersome to ever really be effective. That’s why some of the top research institutes in the world turn to Ex3.

Ex3 is ordinary software with extraordinary process development.

Scientific research demands well-defined processes that are repeatable, scalable, and, most importantly, verifiable. Ex3 has decades of experience in the fields of process engineering and strategic management consulting, and we’ve helped leading research labs around the world improve their processes and operations. We can also help you identify omissions, redundancies, and hidden inefficiencies within your organization to reduce operating expenses and increase R&D profitability.

In addition to helping you achieve operational efficiency, Ex3’s sophisticated analytics capabilities can uncover trends and correlations you would never think to measure yet have a significant impact on your research and development capabilities. Our robust platform helps you capture, translate, and consolidate information from any number of different sources, enabling you to make actionable decisions based on real data in real time. That’s not just being efficient; that’s doing things better, and it’s what Ex3 is best at. Request your free demo today and find out what your laboratory or research institute is really capable of.

In 20 minutes we'll show you the money...

It's true - talk is cheap, so we'll just show you. With a screen share meeting we can show you exactly what we do with some real-world examples. That's going to be the best way to understand how we identify problems and then create new processes for doing things better - whether that mean faster, cheaper, safer, with less waste, fewer touchpoints, etc. Let's start you on the path to efficiency.

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