Q: We are a research institute with hundreds of small laboratories within our organization each with hundreds of containers of chemicals. Each lab is independently operated by a senior scientist or researcher. The institute still has responsibility for chemical and environmental reporting at an aggregate level and for tracking inventories for threshold and safety reasons. Has Ex3 worked with this type of issue?

A: Ex3 has nearly twenty years of experience working with top research facilities in both the private and public sectors and we have dealt with this specifically. Ex3 is familiar with the personalities involved in such environments and with the regulatory and safety pressures that are inherently embedded. Ex3 has worked with several of the largest US government research facilities to improve processes and system used to manage chemical inventories, Bio-Hazards and Bio Toxins as well as laser and radiological sealed source containers and to handle their stringent reporting requirements. Ex3 has the experience and software solutions to address your needs.

Q: I work in a medical research organization that conducts clinical trials on a regular basis. We purchased a big name software package to help us with this process but we have found it extremely cumbersome to work with. How can Ex3 help us?

A: Due to the stringent requirements of a valid clinical trial process there are many demands on researchers to perform a seemingly overwhelming amount of documentation. Sometimes it feels like the dictated processes and the clinical trial systems are intentionally designed to make life harder. Ex3 has found opportunities for alignment between processes and system that, once implemented, tend to make life much easier in a lab setting. Ex3 is experienced in observing and assessing current processes and making recommendations for improvements that help to alleviate these issues. Having both designed and implemented clinical trial management systems we are uniquely qualified to help you.

Q: We operate in a high tech clean room environment that demands constant monitoring and analysis. Even the slightest particle of dust can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages to our product. What experience does Ex3 have inn clean room operations?

A: Ex3 has over twenty years of experience supporting Safety, Health, Environmental and industrial hygiene programs in clean room environments in both the R&D and production side of technology, pharmaceutical, scientific research and even in support of the assembly and launch of space craft and cargo. Additionally, Ex3 developed the Proactive Excursion Management System (PEMS) used by one of the world’s leading semi-conductor manufacturers to constantly examine the clean room manufacturing process and identify any potential quality breach caused by differences in barometric pressure temperature humidity etc. We understand your business and can help you be the best possible.

Q: Carbon calculations and offsets have recently become important to our organization. How can Ex3 help us?

A: Tracking and managing your carbon footprint is made easy using Ex3’s software modules for corporate social responsibility and carbon tracking. Following the Global Carbon Standards and Kyoto protocol Ex3 helps organizations around the globe track consumption and emissions of carbons as well as projects geared toward carbon footprint reduction and other corporate programs in support of the abatement of global warming. Ex3 also supports the management of community involvement and investment programs.

Q: Our laboratory process creates an effluent of waste that then must be transported to a hazardous waste disposal site for incineration. Can Ex3 help us better manage our waste program?

A: Ex3 has created methods and modules for the effective management and tracking of chemical usage across the process line. These include start to finish management, from before purchase through handling and through final disposal of product and containers. In fact several of the nation’s largest research laboratories have turned to Ex3 for help in this area. We have expertise and help you in this area.

Q: I have heard that Ex3 is an efficiency consulting house but also that Ex3 is a software company. Just exactly what does Ex3 do?

A: Ex3 is a short name for Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. We are a full service business efficiency consulting houses that offers strategic management consulting, process engineering and software development and implementation services to companies around the globe who desire to do better. Ex3 offers an array of proprietary cloud based software products as well as custom developed solutions to help our clients be successful. We are driven by a desire to help our clients be as efficient as they can possibly be.

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