Ex3 Health BenefitsScientific research demands excellence not just from the researchers, but from the entire organization. How your facility operates can have a significant effect on the outcome of clinical trials or your ability to accurately reproduce experiments with regularity, all of which can influence the profitability and ultimate success of your research. Fortunately, Ex3 can help.

For over 20 years we’ve helped some of the leading research institutes and laboratories improve their processes and operations from top to bottom. From chemical tracking and OHSA compliance to clinical trial administration, carbon footprint analysis, and clean room management, Ex3 can help you implement tight and efficient practices across your entire organization. Decades of experience in the fields of management consulting, process engineering, and software development and implementation have made Ex3 the go-to consulting house for the top research facilities in both the private and public sectors. Schedule your free demo today to find out what the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, National Pharmacogenomics Registry, and even NASA already know: Ex3 enables discovery through efficiency.

Streamline Records Processing.

Scientific research and documentation go hand-in-hand, which is why one of our core aims is to streamline and automate records processing as much as possible. Our intuitive software products and custom-developed solutions give research facilities a powerful instrument for data entry, file management, information security, and records retrieval. The Ex3 platform can even translate and consolidate records from disparate sources, including email messages, attachments, and DMS files. Ex3 provides the right information to the right people at the right time.

Maximize Clinical Trial Opportunities.

Effective resource management is a priority for all research facilities, particularly for smaller facilities involved in clinical trials. The Ex3 platform allows project managers to gain immediate visibility into resource utilization and enables decision-makers to effectively allocate resources to get the most out of ongoing clinical trials. Real-time resource utilization reporting also allows project managers to make projections based on real data, eliminating the need for guesswork and speculation in the field of scientific research and discovery.

Stay Safe and Compliant.

Laboratories and research facilities must adhere to strict regulations in order to ensure proper treatment of human and animal subjects, ensure compliance with export control regulations, and address radiation and biosafety issues. Ex3 can improve the processes and systems used to manage chemical inventories, oversee bio-hazardous waste disposal, implement OSHA programs, and handle stringent reporting requirements. This means Ex3 not only keeps your facility compliant with state and federal regulations, but also helps you maintain a safe and secure research environment.

Increase Research Profitability.

It can take years to see any payback on your research, which is why it’s important to run your facility as efficiently as possible. Ex3 is driven by a desire to help our clients be as efficient as they can possibly be, and we can help you too. Decades of experience in the fields of strategic management consulting and process engineering allows us to identify hidden inefficiencies in your processes that can ultimately affect the profitability of your research and your ability to conduct trials in the future.

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