Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (dba Ex3) was founded by Nathan R Giles while working as a consultant to increase organizational efficiency of one of the worlds leading semiconductor manufacturing companies. His observation while conducting business process analysis of successful companies proved that an efficiently engineered flow of information was the foundation for better performance throughout - people worked better, processes flowed better which all led to better productivity and higher profits. As a result, Mr. Giles established Ex3 to help organizations take an integrated approach to their information and database management and analysis processes.

Ex3 first launched its highly comprehensive and fully integrated suite of Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHS) in January 1997. The Ex3 EHS was the first ever web-based occupational health and safety system that allowed the flow of information within all autonomous divisions as well as across the company. The seamless flow of information eliminated redundancy and increased productivity for all individuals - from the patients to the nurses, to the safety directors.

This well-engineering efficiency made Ex3 the most sought after system in the world of EHS by companies with large distributed geographies, large employee populations, or who are engaged in high risk activities. As a result Ex3 has experienced substantial growth since its beginning. Starting from one customer, Ex3 has grown an impressive customer list. The Ex3 EHS customer list now includes NASA, all of the United States Armed forces, several U.S. Department of Energy research labs, the world's leading semiconductor and Technology companies, leading automotive design and manufacturing companies and more.

Since its humble beginnings, Ex3 has added five additional comprehensive database management systems to serve its growing diverse list of clients and their respective industries. Ex3 Sports Science Information, Behavioral Health Information Platform, as well as systems for Education, Transportation, Laboratory Science and Business Development have all been designed to help industries perform better in their respective areas of expertise. Ex3 is still dedicated to the same values Mr. Giles and his team started with. Dedication to customer satisfaction and project success is the reason for Ex3's continued record growth.

Ex3 is headquartered in Tempe Arizona with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and at the Ex3 Hosting and Disaster Recovery Site in Central Kansas. Ex3 has representatives in field locations across the United States as well as London, England and Guanajuato, Mexico. Ex3 also owns and operates Enterprise Data Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary company in Kolkata, West Bengal, India which operates to assist their clients throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Past Clients