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Fleet and Facility Safety Management

Fleet and Facility Safety Management

Near Miss, Close Calls, Concern

Quick Reporting of Near Miss, Close Calls and Concerns is supported through mobile devices or online capable from anywhere. The system will immediately notify the approriate individuals so that any needed immediate actions can be taken and follow-up started. Any of these can be escalated in status per classification rules of your organization or industry.

Accident and Incident Reporting

Full detailed reporting of Safety Incident, Vehicle Accident, Property Damage, or Environmental spills or issues per requirements and as needed for further analysis

Immediate Response

Creation, assignemnt and tracking of immediate corrective actions to remove the active or potential hazard or to render the area safe through barrier until further corrective actions necessary can be determined and take.


Integrated Investigation capability modelled after methods used by accident analysis teams, FBI and law enforcement. Support for observations, witness statements, investigators notes, evidence etc.

Causal Analysis

Support for a variety of causal methodologies to fit the desired degree of detail required by your organization. and Root, Secondary and Tertiery causes or Direct and Proximate causes.

Corrective Action Plan and Assurance

Corrective action planning, action assignments, flow through documentation and progress tracking.

Data Analysis and Predictive Capabilities

Full analytics supported. Basic reports, custom reports, ad-hoc and full statistcal and analytical support.

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