Ex3 Transportation
Ex3 Transportation and Logistics Operations

Ex3 Transportation and Logistics Operations

Ex3 has nearly twenty years of experience in the management of fleet, transportation and logistics operations. This experience has involved design and implementation of operational process and systems across a variety of customers and has resulted in the creation of the Ex3 Transportation and Logistics software product. This Ex3 system is designed specifically to manage all aspects of the operation of these companies. The wide range of clientele has given us exposure to broad experiences with safety as it relates to the movement and maintenance of motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, boats and ships, trains, airplanes and even space rockets and space flight hardware.

Ex3 Transportation and Logistics System is a cloud based, Globally accessible solution that meets the nees of trasnportation and logistics operators world-wide.

System Functions:

Employee Tracking - Complete managment of all employee records for direct and contract hire workers.

Driver License, Certification and Resource Training Management - Management of identification, certfications, drivers license, document expirations and renewal as well as employee training records and online learning management system.

Vehicle and Equipment Inventory - Vehicle purchase records, value, depreciation and other pertinent data.

Fleet Management and Maintenance - Full function periodic and preventative maintence scheduling, completion and repair tracking.

Management of Parts and Spares Inventory - Order and reorder of spare parts in support of repair and preventative maintence program. Parts issued to vehicle tracking. Part warranty and useful life tracking.

Supplier and Purchase Management - Tracking and management of all purchase details for supplies required in support of fleet operations.

Customer Contact Management - Total contact management system for sales and sevice calls and correspondance with customers, potential customers and suppliers.

Contract Management - Management of quotes, bids and contracts.

Trip Management - Origin, destination, path and management of all resources and expenses required. Profit or loass caclulations at trip level.

Driver, Helper, Load and Vehicle Matching and Tracking - Coordinated assignment of resources in support of booked loads matching equipmentand personnel to task.

Load Location Tracking - Satellite based Geo Location tracking of vehicle and loads.

Resource Scheduling - Full scheduling of all resources including,vehice,persnnel, fuel etc. in support of efficient operations.

GIS Location and Movement Tracking - GIS based (Sattellite, cellular and RFID) tracing of load and vehicle.

Management Analysis, Reporting and Dashboards - Predefined and ad-hoc anaylsis of all data elements in the system in support of infinate knowledge and predictive capabilities.

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