Ex3 Transportation


Q: Our company struggles with route optimization. We are often hindered by road construction, social disturbances or detours. How has Ex3 dealt with this in the past?

A: Ex3 can provide global map overlays and other integrated tools and technologies to help your company determine the optimum, and most profitable route for each trip you make.

Q: We are operating in an environment where it feels like government regulatory compliance requirements have gotten out of control. every week it seem that some new requirement comes out. How can Ex3 help us stay in compliance?

A: Ex3 has implemented compliance tracking capabilities for regulatory, legal, environmental, industry, safety and audit requirements to help companies stay in compliance and avoid issues and potential fines. We have both process and software solution to help with this issue.

Q: How can Ex3 help us improve our billing and collections processes? We are in a tight margin business and cash flow is critical.

A: Ex3 provides management consulting services and solutions to help get you organized and set you on the right path with the most efficient processes based on industry best practice and the latest technologies. These include electronic billing and payment receipt, automatic bank transactions and ACH transfers.

Q: Our Company struggles with the management of visiting and short term contract personnel at our facilities. For safety and security reasons we need to improve in this area. What experience does Ex3 have in this area?

A: Ex3 has provided management consulting and software systems to some of the world’s largest companies to help them better manage contract resources and to enhance the security of their operations. Clients include Intel, NetApp, Agilent Technologies and more. Let’s have a conversation. We can help you too.

Q: Recent losses have indicated that we have a need to improve the tracking of our vehicle fleet and customer assets. How can Ex3 help?

A: Ex3 has partnerships with the world’s leading providers of GIS and RFID technologies to provide comprehensive tracking of the movement of your vehicles and customer loads as they move from source to destination. Ex3 can integrate these into our software products interface them to competitor or in-house solutions or provide them as stand-alone solutions.

Q: I work in Port Operations at one of the world’s largest ports. What experience does Ex3 have that is relevant to my needs?

A: Ex3 has experience working with some of the world’s largest ports tracking the movement of good and carriers in and out of the port by land, sea and air. Whether it’s Long Beach, Newark, Mumbai, Gujarat or Hong Kong we understand the loading and unloading, reception, storage and movement of goods on and off port.

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