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Ex3 Health Benefits Transportation and logistics providers run on some of the tightest margins in the world. The slightest delay anywhere in the supply chain can impede your ability to fill orders, meet deadlines, and keep your customers happy. Fortunately, Ex3 offers industry-specific solutions and software that enhance virtually every facet of operations.

Ex3 Transportation & Logistics solutions are designed specifically to help you manage all aspects of your transportation company, from route planning and fleet management to demand forecasting, business reporting, and customer service. We have extensive experience in every aspect of multi-modal transportation and logistics, which allows us to develop platforms, processes, and systems to support the efficient flow of goods and materials around the world.

Whether you are a local trucking company, an overseas carrier, or a freight forwarding provider moving oversized components around the globe, Ex3 can help you do what you do best, only better. Request your free demo to see how our custom platform can help your organization thrive in the digital era.

Enhanced Fleet Management

Your fleet is the backbone of your transportation company. Ex3 Transportation & Logistics solutions allow you to intuitively and effectively manage all aspects of fleet maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). We’ve also partnered with some of the leading providers of GPS and RFID technologies around the world to closely track the movement of vehicles, goods, and consignments. Ex3 can even assist in the determine the optimum and most profitable route for each trip.

Predictive Forecasting Models

There’s no room for waste in the shipping industry. Fortunately, Ex3 Transportation & Logistics represents one of the most advanced analytical and modeling platforms available to transportation and logistics professionals. The insights provided by Ex3 can help you obtain the most accurate forecasting models possible to better anticipate, plan for, and meet your customers’ demands while reducing waste and inefficiency.

Top-Down Customer Relationship Management

If your fleet is the backbone of your company, your customers are its lifeblood. Ex3 Transportation & Logistics supports a wide spectrum of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to help you stay in touch, assess satisfaction, and build relationships that build your business. The comprehensive, top-down capability of Ex3 gives you all the tools and resources necessary to keep your customers happy.

Increased Profit Margins

One of the primary concerns of Ex3 Transportation & Logistics is streamlining operations by identifying and eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies within the supply chain. By trimming waste and maximizing your operational capabilities, Ex3 can significantly increase your organization’s profit margins and earning potential.

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