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Ex3’s Fleet Management Software for Transportation and Logistics System

Ex3 offers a complete cloud based Fleet Management Software for transportation and logistics organizations. Features include E-log, GPS global vehicle tracking, fleet management including purchase, inventory, details, assignment, financial and profitability tracking, fleet maintenance, scheduling and work tickets, load tracking, facility safety and security, driver helper and leased vehicle management, sales, load contracts, vehicle safety inspections and repairs, accidents, investigations and safety management. The system is hosted on the cloud on servers in Ex3 cloud hosting centers around the world.

Ex3 has nearly twenty years of experience in the management of fleet, transportation and logistics operations in trucking, shipping, air freight, corporate fleet and port operations. This experience has involved design and implementation of operational process and systems across a variety of customers and has resulted in the creation of the Ex3 Transportation and Logistics enterprise software product. This Ex3 system is designed specifically to manage all aspects of the operation of these global transportation and logistics companies. The wide range of clientele has given us exposure to broad experiences with operations and safety as it relates to the movement, management and maintenance of trucks, boats and ships, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, automobiles and even space rockets and space flight hardware.

No matter your needs, Ex3’s fleet management software is there to find efficiency and to improve operations and your bottom line.

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