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Corporate Learning Management Solutions

Corporate Learning Management Solutions

"Well defined process and behaviors consistent with desired corporate culture and behaviors are essential to the success of any business."

Ex3 Learning Management System is has been designed to offer everything you need to take your corporate training programs online. Ex3 makes it easy for you to deliver consistent, high quality training to a globally dispersed demographic and to keep track of education skills assessment records.

HR Integrated Skills Assessment and Training Needs Determination

Skills matrix of required skills per job title. Training required to support skills. Career advancement tracks. Automate determination of required skills for position. Automated support for enrollment of annual or other recurring training requirements such as safety, corporate security policies and cultural reinforcement.

Curriculum Builder

Creating tracks, sections, classes and specific class offerings along with an easy to use interface for instructors to load class materials and link rich media educational content.

Rich Media Content

Ex3 supports loading of course content along with supporting resources from the web or hosted directly. Documents, pdf, weblinks, audio, video and rich presentations.

Prerequisite Association

Who's on first? Ex3 allows the setting of prerequisites and other requirement criteria.

Automated Requirement Notifications

Automated notifications of training required delviered to your staff with links to secure class enrollment portal.

Section and Class Enrollment

Online course catalog with track section and class offering. Online enrollment for registerred students. Class size allocations and limits respected. Online payment processing for course enrollment and special fees available.


Track time logged in, participation, posts, submittals and video conference time.

Quizzes and Testing

Support the learning process by creating online quizzes with feed back on areas needing attention, next steps,test preparation. Secure online testing with random generation of question sets.

Student Records

Secure and full student records maintained for life with all pertinent correlations.

Class Credit Accounting

Full tracking of trainingl credits required, earned to date and pending.

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