Ex3 Education


Q: We are a small school district with a tight budget. How can Ex3 possibly help us?

A: Ex3 has no agenda to sell you a large bill of goods. Our first step with any organization, large or small, is to do a business process analysis. This allows us to help you understand your organization and together we discover opportunities to gain efficiency or save money. You then decide how to align priorities and allocate your resources to solve specific problems.

Q: Is Ex3 equipped to support a large school district with multiple schools and tens of thousands of students?

A: Over the past twenty years Ex3 has worked with large organizations on a global scale to effect positive change. We can help any organization, large or small, which has a commitment to excellence.

Q: What experience does Ex3 have in education?

A: Ex3 has worked to support education in both public and private sectors and with academic institutions and corporate learning organizations. The list includes the U.S. Department of Defense and all branches of the military, NASA, The US Department of Energy and other federal and state agencies; colleges and universities; trade schools and corporate training organizations; charter, private and public schools including the K-12 primary education sector.

Q: Is Ex3 a Learning Management system?

A: An LMS is only one aspect of an educational program. School budgets show us that a significant portion of resource is spent beyond the classroom. Ex3 is a strategic management consultancy whose purpose is to help you evaluate your total organization, harvest efficiencies and leverage technologies so you can allocate your resources in the most effective manner. We’re here to help you see your organization differently and show you can improve on what you’re already doing. Ex3 also provides and understands software systems and technologies, including LMS, which help educational organizations, perform better.

Q: We currently have an LMS that does most of what we want. What can Ex3 do to help us?

A: The gain is not from the software by itself but potentially from the efficiencies that any software tools should provide. Ex3 can help you evaluate the value of your current process and systems including LMS to ensure that you get the most value from the time and energy you spend on them.

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