Occupational Health and Wellness

Occupational Health and Wellness

The Ex3 EHS Data Management System is a multi module cloud based system that was was originally developed for use by the world's leading semi-conductor manufacturer and has been widely used worldwide by satisfied clients since 1995. It is widely recognized as the most complete,reliable and full functioned system in the industry. It is the choice for companies across the globe who are truely aware of the value of Health, Safety and Sustainability and who are dedictaed to success.

This cloud based SaaS system enables real-time data entry from any device with an internet connection. Secure Interface with SSL encryption ensures the highest levels of security, safeguarding your data. This is effectively the same security used in online banking and stock e-trade applications. Corporate-wide data analysis, indicators and over 200 additional reports are immediately available to the management team. The Ex3 EHS Data Management System is configurable to meet your organizations needs.

Occupational Injury/Illness with Case Management

Injuries and illnesses can be prevented in the workplace, but where do you start? How do you measure success? The first thing you need is complete and accurate information. Next, you need a way to analyze that information for effective decision-making. Finally, you need a process in place that can eliminate hazards and keep workers productive.

Ex3 Injury/Illness and Case Management is a full featured EHR/EMR that allows you to capture and track occupational injuries and illnesses that affect your organization. Dynamic reporting capabilities provide instantaneous graphics, reports, and statistics to support OSHA regulations, Worker's Compensation requirements, and company decision-makers. Medical Case Management is supported with medical charting ability, short and long-term disability tracking, and return-to-work activities.

Regarding the study of medicine, Hippocrates stated, "Declare the past, diagnose the present, and foretell the future." In other words, if you can identify the injuries and illness that affect your organization, and analyze how and why they occurred, you will have the knowledge to make a difference in the future of your organization. The Ex3 Injury/Illness Management Module gives you the ability to obtain that knowledge.

Integrated Primary Care Management

Non-occupational Injuries and illnesses as well as personal medical conditions have an affect on your population and need to be managed. Ex3 offers management of and integration with personnal medical records when and where desired.

Many of our clients have sites in regions where health care for employees and thier immediate family members has been negotiated. Ex3 supports this through full EHR/EMR capabilitties for primary medical care. 

Wellness and Activity Program Management

Some of the greatest impacts on productivity, lost days and insurance costs are the results of non-work related health conditions of your workforce.  Obesity, smoking, stress, unhealty diet, sedentary or otherwise unhealthy lifestyles directy affect your bottom line. Ex3 provides the ability to effectively manage Health Risk Aassessment and recurring heath management programs to increase the health and wellness of your employees and reduce associated impanct and costs. Healthy, happy employees are more productive.

Audiometric, Respiratory and Laboratory Data Management

Ex3 includes full integration of ancilliary programs for the monitoring of and determination of hearing loss, respiratory and other health conditions. We also support direct upload of lab data for blood panels, urine samples and hair follicle results.

Clinical Operations Management

Work flow process with defined best practice for clinical management is built into the Ex3 system. Business rules, validations and reminders are configurable functions that aid you in doing your daily task with the utmost efficiency. Clinical scheduling, billing and clinical financial functions are available.

Workers Compensation Case Management

Ex3 supports the creation and electronic submittal of workers compenation forms to third party managers and State boards as required for compliance with regulations and best practice.

Medical Surviellence Program Management

It is said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Applying that to today's workplace: "Sometimes prevention is the only acceptable cure." Therefore, monitoring your employees to ensure their health is mandated in some cases by OSHA and often selected by industry to protect their workforce.

Ex3 Medical Monitoring Management allows your organization to effectively manage OSHA-mandated or custom medical surveillance programs. Data collected through questionnaires, physical exams, and laboratory results are consolidated for analysis and statistical reporting. Automated enrollment and scheduling of events is supported with email notification. This module includes the ability to accept EDI transfer of blood, urine, and hair follicle lab results directly from most national laboratories, the collection of employee wellness information such as dietary trends, level of participation in physical activity, and other personal information that contributes to overall employee wellness. Additionally, complete epidemiological studies can be completed on-line using the information from this and other modules.

OSHA and Corporate Indicators Analysis and Reporting

Ex3 includes a robust array of over 200 meaningful predefined reports. Dynamic report genertion also allows your data analyst to extract data as required for analysis. Ex3 supports basic OSHA reporting through full blown epidemiological studies. If desired Ex3 offers support from our staff of qualified statisticians to assist in data research an analysis.


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