Enterprise Learning Management System

Enterprise Learning Management System

Ex3 Online University Learning Management Information System

Ex3's LMIS can be used to deliver virtually any course of study. Ex3 Online University provides the ability for multi-media content to be delivered to students world wide. Pre-assessments, quizzes, reviews, and final exams can be placed in the course material at any point. Quiz and exam results are recorded in a database for student progress tracking and analyzed to measure the effectiveness of the presentation of material. Students, teachers, and courseware developers can interact with the Online University from any computer connected to the Internet. Course administrators can easily change an exam question that is either too easy or too hard, or change the wording of a concept to better prepare the student for the exam question. Streaming video and audio can be integrated to enhance experiential learning.

Who Uses It?

US Department of Defense - Special Operations Command

Ex3 was engaged by the Department of Defense to help develop a method for uniform, consistent and effective delivery of Operational Risk management theory, methods and field practices to all branches of the US military. Ex3 worked extensively with the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to study and improve existing materials, develop new content and to manage the global dissemination of training content to all military and civilian personnel. This training is focused on helping DOD personnel to eliminate risk to military and non-military operations.

US Department of Energy - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Uniform training for proper handling of chemical, material, bio-hazard, bio-toxin, laser and radiological materials and devices.

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Delivery of professional development and continuing educational requirements for membership

Professional Skater's Association

Delivery of professional development and continuing educational requirements for membership

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Delivery of educational content and support for collaborative activities for global euntreprenurial studies.

Inline Certification Program

Delivery of professional development and continueing educational requirements for membership.

Curriculum and Content Development Services

Ex3 professionals are experienced in the development of effective interactive curriculum and educational and training delivery methods. We have produced extensive training materials that have been distributed world-wide by our customers. We can help make you successful too!

Ex3 Professionals are also available for on site training classes in Business Process Engineering, Relational Theory, Database Design, Database Administration, and Web Strategies.

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