Q: Our Company is mired in a plethora of spreadsheets and databases that don’t talk to each other. We’ve made several attempts at consolidation of these but are still struggling. How can Ex3 help?

A: We have found that in every industry everyone starts with paper forms, moves to spreadsheets to help keep track of key data elements, gets frustrated with the complex spreadsheet forms and then moves to local DB and then finally recognizes the need for real-time shared aggregation of data. No doubt you are somewhere in this line with all or some of your current processes. Ex3 understands how to align processes and systems with business needs and goals and bring vastly improved efficiencies across your organization. We eliminate redundancies. Improve data flow and operational order and implement integrated system to get you off of the spreadsheets and desktop databases that are cluttering your mind.

Q: We have made several attempts at mapping out all of the processes across our department. This has turned out to be a harder task than we ever realized. Even though we do the work every day we don’t seem to be able to agree on how it lays out from a documentation perspective. What are we missing?

A: We have found this to be typical in many companies. This is not necessarily the fault of the business people. It is in large part created by our systems of education. Typically the industrial engineering process is not taught to student in a business curriculum. Ex3 knows how to bridge the communication gap and show you the whys and hows of what we are doing. We help you take a critical look at your processes and identify way to align and improve the way you do business.

Q: What is Ex3’s area of focus? I know you work a lot with global manufacturers but we’re in the medical sector. What do you know about our business?

A: Over the last twenty years Ex3 has helped organizations in almost every business sector. Clients include manufacturing, automobile, aviation, technology, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, finance, research and healthcare. Ex3 has also worked to bring improved efficiencies in the US Department of Defense, NASA and the US Department of Energy. Ex3 processes are proven to work in any industry. We can help you too.

Q: I see that you have a lot of experience in the semiconductor and high tech arena. How does your experience apply to helping me working in heavy manufacturing?

A: Every industry believes that they are unique and different and in some respects this is true. However we have found substantial similarities where cross industry best practices can be employed to the benefit of every industry that we have encountered. For example processes and systems that Ex3 pioneered to keep employees in industry safe are being applied directly to professional and Olympic sports organizations with very little change. Ex3 harvests those opportunities to bring definition and consistency...best practices from across industry to your operations. As for heavy manufacturing; Ex3 has provided our expertise to customers in heavy equipment, aviation and even the NASA Space Program.

Q: My company seems to be driven by departmental budgets and as a result we have the same data residing in databases in different departments. This seems like a huge waste to me.

A: We have found that many opportunities for improvement lie in the traditional segregation between departments or realms of responsibility; often referred to as organizational silos. Ex3 looks at business operation from a “cradle to grave” perspective so that we can create the most efficient process across your organization as a whole. Often we find that streamlined company-wide systems can be implemented for a fraction of the budget spent on redundant departmental projects. This is one area where Ex3 really delivers huge ROI. We help breakdown organizational silos, improve communication eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency across the organization.

Q: Our company has made several attempts at implementing software systems across the company. We are on our third attempt at SAP but finding it difficult and confusing. I have heard that Ex3 has a very high success rate. How does Ex3 help a company navigate this confusing process?

A: Software is a tool to advance communication within an organization and between the organization and its external clients or constituents. The greatest return on investment in any software system lies in the way it is implemented across your organization. If the software and processes are tightly aligned they complement each other. If time has not been taken to set the organizational processes right then human behavior and software can actually work in conflict with each other. This is why Ex3 offers strategic management consulting, process engineering and software systems together for our clients. We’re not just selling software. We are passionate about aligning all of the parts of the organization to maximize communication and operational efficiency.

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