Ex3 Health BenefitsIn the business world, it’s not enough just to have a great product and a talented staff. If you really want to grow your brand, you must first address all the various back-office processes that are essential to running a business, including inventory management, human resources, customer relationship management, and quality assurance. Fortunately, Ex3 provides the tools and resources needed to streamline these processes and run your business better.

For over 20 years, Ex3 has provided strategic management consulting, process engineering, and robust damage management systems that help businesses eliminate waste, manage resources, and streamline operations. We have provided cloud-based solutions for some of the top organizations in almost every business sector, including manufacturing, aviation, technology, finance, and healthcare. Ex3 solutions have also been adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Energy. No matter what sector you’re in, custom solutions by Ex3 can set you apart from the competition.

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Real-Time Workflow Management.

The robust nature of the Ex3 platform allows you to manage all enterprise information in one simple yet powerful dashboard, regardless of where it resides. By bringing together structured and unstructured data from different applications and organizational silos, Ex3 enables decision-makers within your company to assign resources and manage projects on the fly and in real time.

Key Performance Insights.

Our experience and expertise in industrial process engineering allows us to take a critical look at your operations and identify ways to improve the way you do business. The robust analytical nature of the Ex3 platform also provides real-time performance insights that can be used to measure and evaluate employees, programs, processes, etc.

Improved Data Collection and Analysis.

In nearly every industry, everyone who moves from paper forms to complex spreadsheets and information databases eventually gets frustrated and recognizes the need for improved data collection and analysis capabilities. Ex3 can provide you with the tools and resources needed to successfully migrate from complex spreadsheets and desktop databases to intuitive cloud-based platforms. Ex3 also provides robust data analysis to reveal important trends hidden in the numbers.

Scalable Process Engineering.

Ex3 focuses on helping organizations create processes that are well-defined, measurable, and repeatable. As your company grows and expands, these processes can be scaled up to maintain the efficiency levels achieved on a smaller scale and with fewer resources. This is one area where Ex3 delivers huge ROI, especially for businesses thinking about franchising.

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