Ex3 gives all US employees paid time off to go VOTE!

Today, Ex3 has chosen to give all of our US employees as much time as they need for the purpose of voting. We believe that this is an extremely important right and an obligation for every citizen and nothing should stand in the way of that happening. “The election process is simply too important to all of us and the outcomes, especially in this election, affect every aspect of our lives.” said Nathan R Giles, Ex3 President and CEO. “We want every one of our employees to enjoy the freedom of expressing thier voice in the political process.”

Whatever you do, Ex3 can help you improve:

Identification and mitigation of hazards and risks

Management of close calls, near misses and significant incidents.

Management of occupational related injury and Illness cases (OSHA recordkeeping).

Corporate wellness and medical monitoring programs. 

Training, education and awareness.

Corporate social responsibility and management of environment issues including global carbon footprint tracking and calculations.

Management of water and air emissions. Using safer materials an

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