OSHA Recordable Trend Down 13 years Running

Assistant Secretary of Labor Dr. David Michaels encouraged by BLS report on occupational injuries and illnesses in 2015

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data that indicates a continued drop in the recordable rate for occupational injuries and illnesses across the US for the 2015 year.  This continues a trend over the last 13 years with only one year (2012) slightly out of that pattern.

“Private industry employers reported about 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2015, representing a decline of about 48,000 from 2014, despite an increase in total hours worked. The rate of cases recorded was 3.0 cases per 100 full-time workers – down from 3.2 in 2014. The rate is the lowest recorded since at least 2002, when OSHA recordkeeping requirements were modified.”

Having worked in this industry for over twenty years now, I tend to see things from an insider perspective. While many of our Ex3 customers have been able to achieve rates in the .02 to 1.0, range we see many companies that don’t seem to understand the value of safety and show rates much higher. The 3.0 rate reported by BLS is an average across all US employers. Bottom line is that 2.9 million people still suffered work related “recordable” injuries or illnesses meaning that they were serious enough to affect the ability to work in some manner.  Many companies continue to show rates far above the 3.0. The statistic is thus heavily weighted. Companies that are serious about health and safety significantly off set the poor performers.

There is still much work to be done to keep all employees safe.  The value of life is priceless and we owe it to all employees to do what it takes to provide them with a safe working environment.  Presumably, due to current economics,  we have recently encountered a larger than normal number of companies who, while stating  that they are serious about their safety programs, aim to save money by lowering or even eliminating the budget for an effective EHS software management system to track their data. If you don’t effectively track it, you can’t effectively manage it.  Speadsheets dont cut it! The culture of safety starts with doing the right thing on all levels. This includes implementation of a user-friendly, cohesive EHS management system that gives you timely access to your employees’ work habits and safety procedures.  This will, as has been proven time and again, provide you with a tremendous ROI on your most valuable asset, your employees.

Over the last twenty years Ex3 has worked with many of the world’s leading companies to help them identify hazards and associated risks, to mitigate those risks and to keep their employee populations, customers and communities safe. We are proud to be part of the community of EHS professionals who have dedicated their lives to protecting others and also proud of the incredible successes we’ve been able to show for our customers. Click to see success stories.

Whatever you do, Ex3 can help you improve:

Identification and mitigation of hazards and risks

Management of close calls, near misses and significant incidents.

Management of occupational related injury and Illness cases (OSHA recordkeeping).

Corporate wellness and medical monitoring programs. 

Training, education and awareness.

Corporate social responsibility and management of environment issues including global carbon footprint tracking and calculations.

Management of water and air emissions. Using safer materials and processes and fuels recycling and reduction of global carbon footprint.

Medical monitoring and wellness programs for employee, families and communities.

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