Safety Driving Tips for Memorial Weekend

According to the National Safety Council the estimate for traffic fatalities on the Memorial Weekend holiday period is 409 deaths and 47,000 seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.  The three-day holiday period begins at 6 p.m. ET Friday, May 26 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET Monday, May 29.

Memorial Day is a holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military and many Americans observe this day by visiting cemeteries or memorials and participating in parades. It also marks the start of summer and is considered to be a time to hold family gatherings and spend time with family and friends.

“More people will get away this Memorial Day weekend than have in the past 12 years, with 39.3 million U.S. travelers expected to take to the road, skies, rails and water, according to a forecast released Wednesday from auto club AAA.”

So while you’re heading to your favorite destinations consider these safety driving tips NSC for Memorial Weekend.

  • Buckle Up

Wear a seat belt on every trip. About 159 lives may be saved during the holiday with seat belt use, according to the NSC.

  • Use Child Safety Seats

Make sure children are restrained in safety seats that are appropriate for their height, age and weight.

  • Assign a Designated Driver

Designate an alcohol and drug-free driver or arrange alternate transportation. Impairment begins with the first drink.

  • Take Breaks While Traveling

Get plenty of sleep and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue.

  • Don’t Get Distracted

Never use a cell phone behind the wheel, even hands-free.

  • Don’t Let Teens Drive

Do not allow teens to drive with their friends. A single young passenger can increase a teen driver’s fatal crash risk 44 percent, the NSC estimates.

Have a safe Memorial Weekend!

Olympic Sized Support.

If you google ‘Olympic Mindset,’ you’ll get a plethora of blogs, articles and interviews on how to cultivate and foster a winning and success-oriented mind. We all revel in the art of competition and wonder about the dedication and discipline it takes to be included in the roster of the best of the best. Most of these articles, inspire and encourage the reader to develop a never-giving up spirit or to consider failure as steps toward future success. While the desire to succeed is a human trait, unless we were lucky enough to have a support network of loved ones during our critical growth years as teenagers or younger, most of us are unfamiliar with the art of asking for support. An Olympic athlete needs to be disciplined and dedicated to get to practice day after day, but the coach is the sturdy support that creates the foundation for the athlete’s support. Without the coach, the athlete may never flourish into an Olympian.

Asking for Support

We may be able to dream and fantasize about how life would be so much more pleasant if we were given support by our partners, coworkers and managers, but lack the ability to articulate our need for support and guidance. Perhaps, the fear of appearing weak or incompetent stops us from voicing the need for support. Or perhaps being afraid of getting judged or labeled by our coworkers or managers prevents us from asking for the tools we need to perform our job more efficiently and effectively. Whatever, the reason, the fact remains that those of us who are able to look past the fears and judgment can develop the courage to seek guidance, couching and support that ultimately leads to the path of success.
It is the ability to provide support and assistance that has made Ex3 a success for the past 25 years. We understand this critical link to success is the foundation for effective implementation of our software suite and offering.
While you have been busy building your department, reaching your annual goals and cultivating a strong organizational culture, we have been developing the software that supports your organizational goals.

Seeking Partnerships

How would your decision making be impacted if you felt supported by your colleagues, vendors and managers? While we are not here to change the culture within your organization, we can and will provide you with the software tools that support you to fulfill the daily demands of your organization. Whether your need is to measure your athlete’s performance, or prepare on-demand reports for analytics, or simply maintain an up-to-date accident and injury report, our comprehensive suite of data management software will seamlessly provide the means for quick and accurate data gathering so you can feel like the peak performance athlete with an effective support network. So before you throw in the towel and become frustrated with the overwhelming number of projects tugging at you daily, begin to take a look at the support tools around you and follow these steps to transform your experience:

  1. Hire for talent. One really good resource can outperform a pool of fakers.
  2. Make sure your IT staff gets the proper training. Technology changes daily and you have to keep up. If you have an inadequate training budget then you’re falling behind.
  3. If you’re using contractors make sure each resource actually knows what they’re doing. One bad resource can kill your project.
  4. Hire seasoned project managers that can see through the smoke. You have to be able to recognize a fake when you see one.
  5. Always work from well defined specs. Every project must have clear set expectations and clear requirements in order to function.
  6. Don’t get caught up trying to implement the latest “IT Buzz Word!”

Have thoughts and experiences? I’d like to hear…

About us: Ex3 is a global Software and IT Consulting firm that focuses on providing software solutions and improved processes that help our clients operate more efficiently, more profitable and as more productive entities through management and promotion of Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Productivity. We help our clients protect the Environment and promote Corporate Social Responsibilty. We take what we do seriously and have a long track record of success as a result. Ex3 is Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and has office locations across the continental US. Ex3 serves clients in US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.