Ex3 – 20 years of EHS Leadership

20 years of ex3

Ex3 is the leader in global integrated data management for Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Productivity.

January 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc.  (Ex3). For us at Ex3, this is a significant milestone.

We would like to thank the many clients who have allowed us to work with them in creating efficient processes and implementing effective software systems to help them gain efficiency and bring power to their organizations.

At our core, Ex3 specializes in enterprise EHS software solutions and the implementation of lean process that bring the highest efficiency gains to organizations serious about the environment, health and safety.

“Over the last twenty years Ex3 has had the opportunity to go to the most interesting places, meet the most interesting people and help them solve the most interesting problems.” Nathan Giles, Ex3 President and CEO

In the private sector Ex3 has served clients in:

Technology, semi conductor, automotive, light and heavy manufacturing, aviation, space exploration, science, research laboratories, sports, pharmaceutical, education, business, medicine, behavioral health, transportation, oil and gas exploration and nuclear power and research.

In the government sector Ex3 has served:

NASA, US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, Office of the secretary of defense, US department of energy, nuclear research and power facilities, and more.

Ex3 accomplishments over the last twenty years:

Recognition for the value we bring to organizations. Through awards and recommendations from existing clients Ex3 has gained recognition for high quality technologies and successful long term client relationships.

Recognition as a problem solver – We are most honored when we are recognized for the good work we have done for clients and that translates into recommendations and new opportunities. To us this is the ultimate compliment. Our reputation in the market and the relationships we build are ultimately our best marketing tool.

High client retention rate – Many of our Ex3 clients have stayed with us for our entire 20 years. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service to every one of our clients. We know that we are only successful when we make our clients successful. That is our goal and we take it seriously.

Tight knit internal culture – We believe in maintaining an environment of respect for each other personally and professionally regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation. We embrace diversity and rely on it for strength of perspective it brings to us and to our diverse clients. We care about each other and actively engage in mutual support and growth.

Recognition through industry awards

February 1995—Awarded the Sybase “Best of Class” application at the Sybase International Users Convention in Vienna, Austria.

October 1998—Recognized as an “Innovator of Safety” by the National Safety Council.

 June 2000—Recognized by the California Occupational Nurses Association as a “Best Known Method” for Occupational Health Management.

 November 2001—Intel EHS Operations (supported by the Ex3 application) awarded The National Safety Council (NSC) Green Cross for Safety Medal for exemplary commitment to workplace safety and corporate citizenship.

July 2005—Awarded the NASA Group Achievement Award (NASA’s most prestigious group award) for “exceptional support in the design, build, and NASA Agency-wide deployment of a new web-based enhanced Incident Reporting and Information System”.

 August 2008—Awarded the NASA Safety Center Special Recognition Award.  The award is the first award given by the NASA Safety Center to for “valued and outstanding support” during the first year of the NASA Safety Center.

 September 2008—Selected as the NASA Glenn Research Center 2008 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year.

Ex3 Success Stories

Intel Corporation

Intel is a leader in EHS performance and has a track record of heightening the health and safety performance of not only their employees but also the contractors that work for them and the communities in which they are located.  The Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution was implemented at Intel 1996 and modules have been in production for over 20 years at Intel, allowing managers to better their case investigations, management and gather indicators to further lower if not eliminate injuries and illnesses from the workplace.  In 2001, the National Safety Council awarded the Green Cross for Safety to Intel for “exemplary commitment to workplace safety.”  The following are some the exemplary results achieved by Intel in partnership with Ex3:

Decrease in Worker’s Compensation  reports from 1119 cases to 485 over a 5-year period.  (This was as the overall head count rose dramatically from 41,138 to 69,353 employees)

Decreased Worker’s Compensation Case cost per employee of $110 to $33 per case over a 5-year period.

Prior to the Ex3 system implementation, average days away were 14.  Since implementation, average reduced to 2 days.

Dollars saved by placing workers on modified duty savings (salary and replacement salary): $6,170,720.00 per year.*

Fewer recordable injuries and illnesses and Lost Day Cases (LDC):  case managers were able to lower the Recordable rate which was 3.6 in 1993 to a world-leading .20 in 2004, saving over $65 million dollars through LDC reduction.

Armed with the ability to focus their decision on specific areas, managers instituted programs that resulted in the reduction of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) by over 70 percent.

Corporate-wide data roll-up that typically has to take 2-4 months to accomplish and was available only on an annual basis now takes only seconds to produce and is real-time across the organization.

Costs that were avoided or saved with Medical Monitoring Management:  employees have the ability to enter and update dynamic questionnaires without a visit to nursing office leading to the following savings.  Tech time saved: $90,500 per year; nurse time saved: $64,500 per year; data entry time saved: $90,500 per year; cost avoidance – biostatistician: $17,000 per year; Total Medical Monitoring Savings: $262,500 per year.*

*Source: Intel Corporation


When NASA experienced the second shuttle disaster Ex3 was called in to help.

After ex3 came to NASA no further major accidents occurred on the shuttle program
After ex3 came to NASA no further major accidents occurred on the shuttle program

In May of 2003, NASA selected the Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution and implementation of the Ex3 system was completed at all NASA centers by June of 2004. Ex3 then assumed responsibility for all aspects of providing, hosting and supporting NASA’s agency-wide safety system from 2004 through the end of the space shuttle program in 2012.

In addition to being a replacement of obsolete functionality, the design and scalability of the Ex3 enterprise EHS Software system led to changes in how the data was gathered across NASA.

In June 2005, The NASA Group Achievement Award was presented to the NASA and Ex3 combined project team for “exceptional support in the design, build, and NASA agency wide deployment of a new Web-based enhanced Incident Reporting and Information System.”  This is the most prestigious group award given to NASA and contractor employees, according to NASA Human Resources.

Benefits realized by NASA through the use of the Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution

Improved communications between safety professionals, supervisors, medical and workers compensations, and on- and off-site contractors were achieved.  Standard reports were now being provided.  The NASA/ Ex3 system provided a means of “one stop” data collection allowing for standardized reports to be auto-generated for senior management and analysts.

Information access: “the right information to the right people at the right time”. The implementation of the Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution resulted in the elimination of multiple dysfunctional and redundant databases.  “One NASA” database with web accessibility became ready for use by all new projects and contractors.  Real-time agency wide Information became easily accessible to senior management.

Tracking and closure of corrective actions:   The Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution at NASA supported the assignment, notification & tracking of corrective actions along with instant visibility into status, “time to closure.”

Structured data entry, trending, analysis and standardized entry have allowed for improved reporting and data collection while immediate performance metric for analysis support management decision-making processes.

Above all, efficient engineering of NASA processes and safety systems by Ex3 streamlined tracking of all “incidents” including building and facility inspections, fire safety inspections, and security incidents to report unprecedented cost savings for the agency.

Source: Dickey, Beth “Avoiding Injury: NASA’s New Software System Neatly Handles Safety, Health and Security Data” from GovExec.com  Magazine September 15, 2006

Los Alamos National Laboratory

After Los Alamos National Laboratory experienced the massive Cerro Grande forest fire of 2000 Ex3 was called in to help.

Fire at Los Alamos
Fire threatens Los Alamos National Laboratory

As fire threatened the facility first responders had inadequate knowledge of specific contents of threatened laboratories. This hindered their ability to properly plan and execute proper protective practices. Ex3 was hired to implement our enterprise EHS software solution including  modules for chemical inventory management and the tracking of laser and radiological sealed sources and select biologic agents. Ex3 implemented the Ex3 enterprise EHS solution Laboratory wide.

Fire progression at Los Alamos
Fire progression at Los Alamos

When the Las Conchas fire hit Los Alamos in 2011, first responders knew exactly what was in each and every laboratory and had the knowledge and preparation to property protect the facility.

United States Military

During operation Iraqi Freedom Ex3 was chosen by the US Army to assist in finding ways to protect US Military support staff and military personnel to ensure the operational readiness of US military troop deployments. Ex3 was hired to work with DuPont Safety Resources to implement the Worker Safety Pilot EHS system for occupational health promotion at select US Army based. This project served as a proof of concept that eventually led to the DOD wide multi-billion dollar contract for electronic medical records. Ex3 helped to demonstrate the value and efficiency that could be gained through the implementation of the DOD wide electronic medical records and health management system.

US Department of Defense

Having been recognized by the pentagon as a best in class technology provider, Ex3 was requested by the Office of the Secretary of Dense (OSD) to participate in the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) for Operational Risk Management This entailed Ex3 working directly with all branches of the US Military to devise methods for pre operational risk assessments for military and non-military operations, identifying potential hazards and associated risk to mission success and formal methods for planning for the mitigation of hazards that may arise. Ex3 solutions were implemented across the US Military for educational dissemination of ORM education and formal tools for mission planning and execution.

20 years of Ex3 Growth

From a humble beginning Ex3 has grown to be a recognized leading provider of enterprise EHS software systems globally.

In the US Ex3 maintains offices in Tempe, Arizona, Cleveland, Ohio and North Central Kansas.

Ex3 maintains a European presence as well as a presence in Asia and the Middle East through international expansion to Kolkata, West Bengal, India and through partners in western and southern India.

Ex3 owns and operates cloud data centers in strategic positions around the globe. This allows us to offer secure Ex3 cloud based enterprise software solutions to our customers worldwide with respect to local, regional and national privacy considerations.

The Ex3 EHS Core

Ex3 enterprise EHS software solution

At the true core of Ex3 is our expertise in environment, health, safety, security, productivity and quality. Ex3 stands for, and believes in, the integration of the core values of an organization into its daily operations. With Ex3’s enterprise EHS software solution and process alignment that integration with your values becomes the way you do business.

Ex3 in the world of Professional and Olympic Sports

Since 2006 Ex3 has offered the Ex3 Sports Science and Technology Platform as a high performance solution for the management of Olympic and professional sports organization and the enhancement of human performance levels for amateur, Olympic and professional athletes.

Ex3 expands into education with the Ex3 e-Learning Online Educational Platform

Educating your workforce has always been the foundation for creating positive culture and behaviors within a demographic. Ex3 has matured our educational components to the degree that the Ex3 e-Learning Online Educational Platform is a full featured educational delivery systems capable of supporting schools, private sector companies, government organizations and professional associations.

Ex3 expands into the Transportation Sector

The movement of goods is at the center of every economy. Ex3 Transportation and Logistics Platform is a full featured fleet management software solution capable of running virtually every aspect of trucking, shipping or transport businesses. The system includes full fleet management and tracking features, GPS and e-log capabilities, full maintenance management plus all the Ex3 features to help reduce accidents and keep your staff and fleet safe.

Future Plans

Ex3 remains dedicated to improving the quality of human life through the advancement and implementation of leading edge technology. We will continue to advance the capabilities of our enterprise EHS software solution ensuring its place as the leading global EHS solution while seeking other opportunities to bring efficiencies to our global clientele.

With Ex3’s enterprise EHS software solutions in place, you can be confident that your critical data is secure, can be accessed promptly and will be your most effective tool for your workplace health, safety and security decision-making.

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Whatever you do, Ex3 can help you improve:

Identification and mitigation of hazards and risks

Management of close calls, near misses and significant incidents.

Management of occupational related injury and illness cases (OSHA recordkeeping).

Corporate wellness and medical monitoring programs. 

Training, education and awareness.

Corporate social responsibility and management of environment issues including global carbon footprint tracking and calculations.

Management of water and air emissions. Using safer materials an

About us: Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3) is a leading global provider of software systems for Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Productivity and a full service software and IT consulting firm focused on providing solutions and improved processes. We help our clients operate with higher levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Ex3 is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona USA and has office locations across the continental US and abroad. Ex3 serves clients across the North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Author: Nathan Giles

Nathan Giles is a senior management consultant with over 30 years experience helping C level leadership improve organizational performance. He has completed projects in Healthcare, Education, Olympic and Professional Sports, Transportation (Automotive and Aviation), Science (Research and Pharmaceutical) and Business sectors and worked with NASA, the US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, Intel, Textron, Johnson and Johnson, US Olympics National Governing bodies, Pepsi, Gatorade Sport Science Institute and may more. Mr. Giles serves as the President and CEO of Ex3.

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