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Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Management

Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Management

Ex3 offers the total solution for Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Managemet for your organization. W full functionalutyOperational Risk Management (TRACS)                            

Flexible system allows for Simple Assessment JHA to Full Formal IndurtrialHygiene Qualitative/Quantitative Assessments per AIHA standards or further to Full  Operational Risk Assessments. Military Specifications.

Simple JHA

Based on Operational Knowledge, Inspections and Observations. Ex3 supports form based simple questionaires and assessment to identify potential hazards and rate risks. This is a simplified form of  qualitative assessement typically used in low risk situations.

Qualitatitve/Quantitative JHA

Formal constituent based analysis of inherent hazards and controled risks. Ex3 support formal qualitative and quantitative Industrial Hygiene and Hazard isk risk assesssments based on texbook methodologies standard across industry.

Total Risk Assessment and Control System - Military Spec.

Developed in Cooperataion with the US Depertment of Defense, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM),   Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) for standardization of Hazard Analysis and Risk mitigation methods across US Military Gobal forces.

Follows formal seven step approach.

Multi functional approach to risk identification based on based on  the 5-M incident investigaion model.

Powerful, globally accessible, cloud based survey and assessment tools.

Create custom surveys which can be sent  and responded to via mobile devices.

Record Audit Findings Assign Corrective Actions, Track completion.

Record Observations, Assign actions, Ensure compliance.

Having worked with the worlds largest companies as well as NASA,US Deptartment of Energy and US Department of Defense on Hazard identification, Risk Assessent,Ranking, Rating and mitigative procedures Ex3 understands your world and is uniquely qualified to support your organiation.Our tools are based on over tewenty years of Safety and Risk Management experience.

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