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Activity and Wellness Programs Management

Activity and Wellness Programs Management

One of the most significant issues today is worker health. Poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and other unhealty habits have affected a largepercentageof the generalpopulations.Your employees are a segment of that population. Poor health leads to absenteeism, high insurance rates and other factors that either directly or in-directly affect your ability to do business.

Ex3 provides a complete system for the management of Employee Activity and Wellness Programs.

Particiant Enrollment

Integrated with your HR system, Ex3 is able to streamline and automate the enrollment process and track activities against specific employee records.

Ex3 provides a mechanism for managing participation incentive programs

Baseline Participation Exam

Ex3 system supports complete physical exam structure including blood panel and urine sampling and results tracking with direct upload of data from participating labs.

Health Risk Assessment

Ex3 supports both direct HRA and third party HRA for determination of employee life counseling needs.

Lifestyle Consultation

Using Ex3 scheduling, appointments are created with employee to walk through the HRA results and work with them to create a lifestyle counseling and support services program.

Service Scheduling

Per the determined program, employees are scheduled with Trainers,Nutritianists, Counselor or other appropriate service providers to help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Service Delivery Management

All appointments,service notes and and results are tracked in the Ex3 system

Success Monitoring

Goals for success are set in the Ex3 system in cooperation between employee and primary lifestyle coach so that tangible measurements of progress can be recorded and viewed graphically by the employee through the Ex3 Employee Personal Portal.

Employee success demographic reports and financial impact reports are available to management to track and prove the success of the overall program.

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