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Q: I am in charge of the occupational health program for an international company that has sites and employees across the world. How can Ex3 help me manage the diverse requirements of this challenge?

A: For over twenty years Ex3 professionals have provided guidance to the world’s largest companies in the design and implementation of health and wellness programs designed to keep employees safe, healthy and productive. Our process and systems run in over 65 countries and effectively manage the occupational, primary care and wellness programs for millions of individuals. Our systems are multilingual, can handle multiple location variables and multiple sets of regulations. Ex3 is uniquely capable of helping you.

Q: What is your experience with Behavioral Health clinics?

A: Ex3 has experience working with individual Behavioral Health providers as well as larger scale consortiums of providers to enable the optimization of communication, organization and quality of care across interagency care teams. This is familiar territory for us. We understand the processes, we understand the regulatory environment that you are working in and we understand the technologies that can help you do your job better.

Q: I thought Ex3 was just a software company.

A: Ex3 provides best in class enterprise management software systems across multiple business sectors and has earned a positive reputation in the marketplace for our advanced software products. We have been a leading provider of EHS, OH and wellness systems for over twenty years. However, Ex3 has always been a full service management consulting organization that specializes in improving operational efficiency through program design, process engineering, communication strategies and the implementation of integrated software systems that directly support the organization. We provide the most direct path toward the most efficient organizations. High quality software systems are a part of that.

Q: We operate in a hospital setting. Do you have experience with large primary care in-patient settings?

A: Ex3 has experience across private practice, clinics and large scale healthcare settings and is familiar with all aspects of healthcare operations. No matter what your role is Ex3 can definitely help you find ways to do better.

Q: What is your pricing strategy?

A: Ex3 offers flexible pricing plans on both our consulting services and software products designed to meet nearly any budget and to ensure value and benefit to our clients. We have worked with billion dollar companies and with small community serving non-profits. If you see the value in what we bring to the table there is a way for us to work together.

Q: Our facility recently decided to provide all staff with tablets. Are your systems mobile capable?

A: Our software products run on most current version mobile devices and browsers. Ex3 stays on the forefront of technology with our software products which are continuously upgraded in order to take advantage of the most advanced capabilities.

Q: We deal with medical records and personal privacy information. Are your system secure enough to handle personal data?

A: Ex3 has substantial international experience in the management of personal, medical and other sensitive sets of data and is well versed in current practices to protect our client’s data. These data sets include medical records, sensitive laboratory data, and competitive data for commercial and government entities. Ex3 also owns and operate multiple, secure cloud data centers across the US and India and is well versed in both logical and physical security practices.

Q: What is the difference between Ex3 and other mainstream EHR systems?

A: There are many viable EHR/EMR systems on the market today. Most of them are focused primarily on the billing process and all validations or clean up occurs at the final step. Ex3 focuses on good business practices from start to finish across the operation with billing being a natural by-product of clean, complete and validated data collected from proper practice. Much more than just an EHR, Ex3 brings value across the entire organization and makes the entire process more efficient and effective. Our goal is top quality care and zero billing rejections.

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