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Ex3 Enterprise Occupational Medical Records and integrated EHS Software Solutions

Ex3 provides enterprise EHS software solutions including full electronic medical records and electronic health records EMR/EHR to manage occupational health, personal medical, and employee wellness and assistance programs. These integrate fully with Ex3 software solutions for industrial hygiene, medical surveillance, environmental management, safety incident reporting, root causal analysis and mitigation, hazard identification, risk assessment processes and sustainability management.

Ex3 occupational EMR/EHR software & EHS software are secure and on the cloud


The Ex3 Electronic Patient Health Records System is a full functioned EHR/EMR software system that is cloud based and serves the needs of systems of occupational health clinics. It allows for the central recording of patient records and the sharing of those records across the medical system by approved staff. The patient can thus visit multiple clinics within the system and current and appropriate information be presented to the care team.

Ex3 also offers solutions for the management of Corporate Wellness Programs and Employee Assistance Programs.

Ex3 Behavioral Health Software

Ex3 is the most complete integrated system for the management of Behavioral Health and relate community services available on the market.

Designed to link Behavioral Health, Psychiatric, AOD, Sheltering, Counseling and all other services together into one compete system that allows the care team a full view of the patient.

Ex3 enhances the quality and effectiveness of care for the entire community of providers.

Ex3 is the only system of its kind integrating all behavioral health providers across the community.

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